Karachi American School

Are you looking for quality American education in Karachi, Pakistan? Look no further than Karachi American School (KAS). With a rigorous academic program, dedicated faculty, and a commitment to serving the community, KAS provides an excellent educational experience for students of all ages. This blog will cover everything you need to know about KAS, including its fee structure, admission procedure, address, mission, and faculty.

Karachi American School Fee Structure:

At KAS, the fee structure is based on a sliding scale, depending on the student’s grade level. For example, for kindergarten, the fee is Rs. 1,200,000 per year, while for grade 12, the price is Rs. 1,800,000 per year. Additionally, there is an admission fee of Rs. 100,000 for new students and a security deposit of Rs. 200,000.

Karachi American School

Karachi American School Admission Procedure

The admission procedure at KAS is straightforward. First, prospective students must submit an online application form and pay the admission fee. Next, they must take an admissions test assessing their academic abilities. Finally, students must attend an interview with a KAS admissions officer. The admissions process typically takes a few weeks. Admission decisions are based on various factors, including academic performance, extracurricular activities, and character.

Karachi American School's Mission

KAS’s mission is to provide a world-class American education to students in Karachi, Pakistan. The school is committed to promoting academic excellence, personal growth, and social responsibility among its students. KAS emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity in preparing its students for success in the global marketplace.

Karachi American School Address and Phone Number:

KAS is located in the heart of Karachi, at Plot ST-1, KDA Scheme 1, near Karsaz Road. School’s Phone Number is (021) 34539096

Karachi American School Faculty

The faculty at KAS is highly qualified and dedicated to providing an excellent education to their students. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring experience and knowledge to the classroom. Many of KAS’s faculty members have advanced degrees in their fields and are active in research and scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions about Karachi American School

In conclusion, Karachi American School offers a top-notch American education in Karachi, Pakistan. With a commitment to academic excellence, personal growth, and community service, KAS prepares its students for success in the global marketplace. Whether you’re interested in its fee structure, admission procedure, address, mission, or faculty, KAS has something to offer for everyone.