Lahore Grammar School Branches in Lahore

Lahore Grammar School (LGS) is one of Lahore’s most prominent and well-respected school system in Lahore. It was founded in 1979 by Mrs. Sultana Siddiqui to provide quality education to the youth of Pakistan. Since then, the school has grown to become one of the largest private school networks in the country, with a strong presence in Lahore.

Lahore Grammar School

Lahore Grammar School Fee Structure:

The fee structure at LGS varies depending on the grade level and type of education being provided. The annual fees for the primary section (Classes I to V) range from PKR 500,000 to PKR 600,000. In contrast, the secondary section (Classes VI to X) ranges from PKR 600,000 to PKR 700,000 per year. The fees for the higher secondary section (Classes XI and XII) can go up to PKR 800,000 per year. These fees cover tuition, examination fees, and other school-related expenses.

Lahore Grammar School Admission Procedure:

The admission process at LGS School is highly competitive and based on academic merit. Prospective students must submit an online application form, which can be accessed through the school’s website. After submitting the form, the school conducts an entrance exam, which assesses students in English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

Students who pass the entrance exam are then called for an interview with the admission committee, where they are assessed on their academic potential, extracurricular activities, and personal qualities. The committee also considers factors such as diversity in the student body, family background, and students’ fit with the school’s values and culture

Life at LGS:

At LGS, students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities. The school system offers multiple clubs and societies, including debating, music, drama, and sports clubs. These activities help students to develop their creativity, leadership skills, and teamwork abilities.

Facilities at LGS:

LGS has state-of-the-art facilities provide students with a comfortable and conducive learning environment. The classrooms are spacious, well-lit, and equipped with modern teaching aids like interactive whiteboards and projectors. The school also has well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities.

Faculty at LGS:

The faculty at LGS is highly qualified and experienced. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and dedicated to providing their students with the best education. They use innovative teaching methods to make learning fun and engaging, encouraging students to participate actively in their education. To read the Article on Best Schools in Lahore, Click on the Link. 

Complete Details of Lahore Grammar School Branches in Lahore:

LGS School has multiple branches throughout Lahore, including Johar Town, Defence, and Gulberg. Each branch offers the same quality of education and follows the same curriculum, focusing on academic excellence and personal development. The school also provides various extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and drama, to help students develop their skills and interests.

1- LGS Abpara Housing Society Campus

Address: Gulshan E Ahbab Canal Rd, Abpara Housing Society, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 37511486

2- LGS Allama Iqbal Town Campus

Address: 24, Pak Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 37800663

3- LGS Cantt Campus

Address: 88C Arif Jan Rd, Cantt, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 36684965

4- LGS DHA EME Campus

Address: 136 H Block DHA EME Multan Road, Block H DHA EME Sector, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 37512464

5- LGS DHA Phase 1 Campus

Address: 136 street 59, block E phase I Sector E, Defence housing authority, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35894306

6- LGS DHA Phase 5 Campus

Address: Street 10, Sector G Phase 5 D.H.A, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 37176005

7- LGS DHA Phase 8 Campus

Address: 32/3 Sector J, DHA Phase 8, Block J Park View CHS, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 37175751

8- LGS Faisal Town Campus

Address: 373-A, Block C Faisal Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35165666

9- LGS Gulberg Senior Campus

Address: 14-C Street 3, Block C3 Block C 3 Gulberg III, Lahore

Phone Number:  (042) 35772586

10- LGS Gulberg Junior Campus

Address: Block B1 Block B 1 Gulberg III, Lahore

Phone Number:  (042) 35763659

11- LGS Harbanspura Campus

Address: 2 Hanif Park Canal Bank Harbanspura, Lahore

Phone Number:  (042) 37176005

12- LGS Izmir Town Campus

Address: 1036, Block C Izmir, Lahore

Phone Number:  (042) 37512464

13- LGS Johar Town Boys Campus

Address: 364-E/1, M. A, Block E 1 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35165647

14- LGS Johar Town Preschool Campus

Address: 364 E-1 M.A. Johar Town, Block E 1 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35172364

15- LGS Johar Town Middle Girls Campus

Address: 49, Civic Centre Block D 2 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35173301

16- LGS Model Town Campus

Address: 14 West Ave, Block K Model Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35860066

17- LGS Muslim Town Campus

Address: Postal Colony Block A Muslim Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35858014

18- LGS Nepak Society Campus

Address: Block C2 Block C 2 Nespak Housing Scheme, Lahore

Phone Number: 0306 9111152

19- LGS OPF Campus (Senior Girls Branch)

Address: Plot 132, Block D Opf Housing Scheme, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35230432

20- LGS Paragon Campus

Address: Main Blvd, Paragon City, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 37165450

21- LGS Sabzazar Campus

Address: Plot 27, Sabzazar Block G Sabzazar Housing Scheme Phase 1 & 2 Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35461850

22- LGS Samanabad Junior Campus

Address: 845-N, Main Poonch Rd, Samanabad Town, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 37588818

23- LGS Shah Jamal Campus

Address: Shah Jamal Rd, Fazlia Colony, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35403614

24- LGS Shalimar Link Road Campus

Address: 16-B Shalimar Link Road, Muslim Colony Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 36845569

25- LGS Statelife Senior Campus

Address: Lidher Rd, State Life Phase 1 State Life, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35926585

26- LGS Township Campus (Boys Branch)

Address: 289, Block 2 Sector C-1 Block 2 Twp Sector C 1 Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35110631

27- LGS Valencia Campus

Address: 27, 8, Block A Valencia, Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35224704

28- LGS Wapda Town Campus

Address: Wapda Town D Block Office, St 6, Block D2 Block D 2 Wapda Town Phase 1 Lahore

Phone Number: (042) 35182020

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