Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School

Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School is a renowned educational institution for girls located in Karachi, Pakistan. Founded in 1918 by Mr Framroze Mama Parsi, the school has a rich history of providing quality education to girls from diverse backgrounds. Mama Parsi School aims to create a stimulating learning environment that encourages critical thinking and creativity and fosters a love for learning. This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about Mama Parsi School, including its admission process, fee structure, age limit, faculty, and FAQ

Mama Parsi School Fees Structure:

Mama Parsi School is a non-profit organization, and the fees charged are reasonable compared to other private schools in Karachi. The school has a transparent fee structure, and the prices vary based on the student’s enrollment grade. The school fees include tuition, examination, and other miscellaneous charges. The costs can be paid in instalments. The school also offers scholarships to deserving students based on their academic performance.

Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School

Mama Parsi Girls' Secondary School Address and Phone Number:

Address: M.A Jinnah Rd, Preedy Quarters Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Phone Number: (021) 32720224

Mama Parsi School Admission Procedure

Mama Parsi School has a simple admission process. The school offers admission from Grade 1 to Grade 11. Parents or guardians must fill out an online application form for admission, available on the school’s website. The state requires basic information about the student, including name, date of birth, academic records, and contact details. The school also conducts an entrance test for admission, which assesses the student’s intellectual abilities. Once the student passes the entrance test, they will be invited for an interview, along with their parents. The admission process is competitive. And only a few students are selected each year.

Faculty at Mama Parsi Girls' Secondary School:

Mama Parsi School has a highly qualified and experienced faculty committed to providing quality education to students. The school has a rigorous recruitment process; only the best candidates are selected to teach there. The faculty comprises subject specialists who are well-versed in their respective fields and use innovative teaching methods to make learning engaging and exciting for students.

Mama Parsi School Age Limit

The school offers admission to girls from Grade 1 to Grade 11, and the age limit varies for each grade. For access to Grade 1, the student should be at least five years old by March 31 of the academic year in which admission is sought. The age limit is calculated for higher grades based on the student’s previous academic record.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mama Parsi School

In conclusion, Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School is an excellent educational institution for providing quality education to girls. The school’s admission process is competitive, and the fees are reasonable. The school has a multiple student body and a highly qualified faculty committed to providing a stimulating learning environment. Mama Parsi School is an excellent choice for parents who want their daughters to receive quality education and develop into well-rounded individuals.